Technological Association Malaysia

Knowledge Sharing on Innovation and Competition

Date:  15th March 2023 (Wednesday)
Time:  2:00 pm – 4: 00 pm
Venue: Peninsula College, The Ship Campus, BKIP. Compass Room (Deck 2)

1. Ts. Dr. Choong Chee Guan
2. Mrs. Noor Liza Ramli

FREE ADMISSION, MBOT 2 CPD Points Pending for Approval


Innovation is one of the vital elements that must be explored and possessed among any organizations in order to enhance knowledge and achieve success in particular field. Generally, innovation is an introduction process towards something new and novel. Without innovation, there will be no progress and an organization simply cannot stay relevant in the competitive market. The ability to resolve critical problems depends on new innovations and often takes place through the development of more effective products, processes, servicestechnologiesartworks or business models. The evolution towards green economy, the execution of digital technologies in the world of work and the emergence of new methods of entrepreneurship not only change the profile of professions but also creating new possibilities for solutions to social and economic problems in the form of innovation. All of these can be achieved by participating in the innovation competition which are the platforms to bring together the innovators, to identify solutions to common problems or to achieve common goals. These events welcome and consider different interests and various groups to contribute in exploring resolutions. Subsequently, all innovators need to be supported, recognized and rewarded accordingly to boost the innovation culture in the organization. Hence, Peninsula College Georgetown and Technological Association Malaysia (TAM) are proud to jointly organize Knowledge Sharing on Innovation and Competition to inculcate the innovation culture among the educators, students, engineers, managers and staffs. Some tips on winning the competition will also be shared by the distinguished speakers.


Dr. Choong Chee Guan :
Ts. Dr. Choong Chee Guan attached as a Principal Lecturer at Polytechnic Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin, Perlis and was recognized with over 20 years of extensive academic, research, publication, and work experience. Ts. Dr. Choong received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Leeds, UK in 2012. His passion in innovation drove him to win numerous awards such as gold and silver medal awards in Teaching and Learning, Gold Medal Award in “Innovation, Competition and Exhibition organized by Kolej Komuniti Selayang. recipient of Sustainability Leadership – EDU / STEM Award at “Malaysia GPM Sustainability Awards 2021” Winner and Runner-ups of the Science Education Award from the Malaysia Toray Science Foundation (MTSF), Silver Medal Award recipient of the International EUREKA Innovation Event organized by Universiti Kuala Lumpur and many more. Ts. Dr. Choong also secured several research grants by Public-Private Research Network (PPRN) to benefit all in the industry. He owns twelve Patents and Copyright form Malaysia Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia. Addition to his outstanding contribution, Ts. Dr. Choong was appointed as Professional Jury in International/National Innovation Competitions such as in ViE-RIICH (UiTM/UKM), IDP (UniMAP), INNVEC (UiTM/MoE), IAM (ARSVOT), iMIT SIC (UiTM), i-RIA (UUM), iCompEx (JPPKK), BIF, SIC (UiTM), VIC (UiTM). Ts. Dr. Choong is an active professional member and assessor of MQA, ETAC, MBOT and a member of TAM. He has successfully completed his leadership term as the Head Centre of Technology Unit (Media Creative Centre), Polytechnic Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin, Perlis and the recipient of the Excellent Service Award from the Ministry of Education in the year 2002 and 2007.

Noor Liza Ramli
Mrs. Noor Liza Ramli served as a Principal Lecturer at Polytechnic Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, Jitra and was recognized with over 30 years of academic, research, publication and work experience.

Mrs. Noor Liza has successfully involved in both national and international conferences and exhibitions with countless achievements. Some of her remarkable attainments in conferences and innovation competitions was to contribute as the main researcher in conventions such as POLYCCOM 2021 on Bio Organic Filter Application to Produce Health Products, Industrial Design – Water Filter, ‘Kumpulan Inovasi dan Kreatif’ (KIK), Innofund – Filtering Apparatus and Corporate & Agency Exhibition and Innovation Competition 2017. This followed by multiple accomplishments at international level conferences such as Multipurpose of Natsponge for Filtering System 2022 Geneva Inventions, SWTC, SSM & GTF 2020 Ipitex, Bangkok, Thailand, My Filtro Agua iCAN 2020 in Toronto, Canada, World Invention Innovation Contest 2018, 45th International Exhibition of Invention of Geneva, Swiss Confederation on Filtering Apparatus, Ascension Aiguille Du Midi 3842M Mont Blanc, and Seoul International Invention Fair 2015 and many more. Mrs. Noor Liza not only became main researcher and participant for all these conventions, but also bagged abundant gold medals and 1st place in most of the events including Thailand Award for Best International Invention in 45th International Exhibition of Invention of Geneva, Swiss Confederation and secured RM50,000.00 fund from Mosti for Innofund  -Filtering Apparatus from 2016-2017.

Besides her excellent innovation success, her outstanding contribution has been widely recognized through multiple awards such as Excellent Service Award, The Best Research and Innovation Award and The Best Competition and Skill Award for Polytechnics and Community Colleges.

Event reporting
The Knowledge Sharing session on Innovation and Competition was held on 15th March 2023 from 2 – 5 pm at Compass Room, Peninsula College Georgetown, The Ship Campus, Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang. It was jointly organized by Peninsula College Georgetown and Technological Association Malaysia (TAM). The event was officiated by Professor Dr Ian Pashby, the Peninsula Higher Education Group President.  Ts. Tung Chee Kuan, the Peninsula College Georgetown Chief Executive, who is also the Technological Association Malaysia (TAM) President delivered his opening speech. The objective of the programme was to share and understand stages in the process of innovation, tips in winning the competitions, ways towards commercialization of products and to inculcate the innovation culture among students, educators, technical staffs and industries.. Two innovators with vast experience in innovation and championing the innovation competition were invited. They were principal lecturers Ts. Dr. Choong Chee Guan and Mrs. Noor Liza Ramli, both from Polytechnic Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin, Perlis and Polytechnic Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, Kedah respectively. The event was a success with a total of more than 250 participants from Peninsula College, neighbouring polytechnics, TAM members and industries.