Technological Association Malaysia

About Us

Founded in 1946

Our Aim

To represent and get recognition for technical personnel in Malaysia

Our Mission

To be a technical and scientific association of choice for technologists with vibrant and outreach initiatives

Our Vision

To ensure relevancy and strategize action plans to engage technologists from industry, regulatory bodies and business sector for program execution and collaboration.

Welcome to TAM

The Technological Association Malaysia is an organisation for all levels and disciplines of technologists, from the professionals to students and everyone whose career is technological in nature.

Our association for technologist is intimately concerned with the advances in technological progress as well as the pursuit of knowledge in the field of technology.

The TAM also aims to bring about a clearer understanding and appreciation of technology and to instill among members an impelling desire to achieve professional competence and the highest standard of technological skills.

Having a very wide range of membership, it is the melting pot of technological exchanges amongst members from many walks of life. It provides a forum for discussion, evaluation of technological issues and advances.