Technological Association Malaysia

Formation of TAM Kedah/Perlis Chapter on 7th Feb 2023

From Left to Right : Ts. Grace Tok Bee Choo, Ts. Mohamad Fadzil Basir Ahmad, Tc. Balasubramaniam Sanyasi, TAM President: Ts. Tung Chee Kuan, KMN, TAM Penang Chairman: Ts. Alex Poo Teng Soo, the newly appointed TAM Kedah/Perlis Chairman: Ts. Dr Zulhadi Zakaria and Mr Asif Haiqal.

A meeting was held on Tuesday, 7th February 2023 to establish Technological Association Malaysia, Kedah/Perlis chapter (TAM Kedah/Perlis ).  It was held at Peninsula College, The Ship Campus, Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang. The meeting was initiated by Ts. Tung Chee Kuan, the TAM President. Ts. Alex Poo Teng Soo, the TAM Penang Chairman also present and acted as the mentor for TAM Kedah/Perlis formation. The purpose of the establishment of the TAM Kedah/Perlis was to open the opportunity to technologists at the northern region to interact and collaborate for matters of common interests beneficial to members and society. TAM President, Ts. Tung Chee Kuan also mentioned some of the contribution by TAM members to the nation as the subject matter experts and committee in the professional bodies. In the meeting, the TAM Kedah/Perlis chapter Pro-tem Committee was formed and Ts. Dr Zulhadi Zakaria was elected as the TAM Kedah/Perlis Chapter Chairman. Ts. Grace Tok Bee Choo and Ts. Mohamad Fadzil Basir Ahmad were both chosen as Vice Chairman. The President reminded that the formation of TAM Kedah/Perlis chapter need support from all members and thanked all the members for their dedication and hard work to make this meeting successful.