Technological Association Malaysia

What We Do

TAM is for all levels and disciplines of technologists whose career is technological in nature.

Pursuit of knowledge in the field of technology.

Melting pot of technological exchanges amongst members from different walks of life.

Fellowships and social interaction among members.

We organize talk, forum, technical visit and tours for members.

We collaborate with other aligned NGO and agencies such as IEM, COSTAM, ERA, REHDA, JPK/Ministry of Human Resources, MPSC,UTAR  …..for matters of common interests beneficial to TAM members.

We provide input to government agencies on policy and practices matters relating to technical issues.

We receive  application for AFEO membership as AET, AT or its associates.

We publish TAM magazine to keep members connected and informed of general matters of interest.

We conduct community projects to engage the community such as Pulau Ketam Boardwalk projects, Kg Bali community projects, Cameron Highlands water ways project etc.