Technological Association Malaysia


The Oldest Technical Civil Society since 1946

The original Association was founded in Kuala Lumpur as far back as 1932, but it was short-lived.  It was revived in 1935 & 1937 in Perak & Selangor respectively, and continued to flourish until the Second World War.

Immediately after the World War II, attempts were made by the former members to resuscitate the association. Eventually, this led to the formation of The Technical Association of Malaya on 15 April 1946 with registration number, 250 (Selangor).  The Technical Association of Malaysia and Singapore had its name change approved as The Technical Association of Malaysia on 11 February 1970.

On 22 February 1974, the name was amended to The Technological Association of Malaysia to reflect the multi-professional memberships.  A national language name was adopted to become Persatuan Teknologi Malaysia (The Technological Association of Malaysia) on 26 July 1985.  Since 24 May 2012, the organisation has been known as Persatuan Teknologi Malaysia (Technological Association Malaysia).

On 23 April 2022, this learned society was verified by The Malaysia Book of Records as The Oldest Technical Civil Society” since 1946.

Malaysia Book of Records - the oldest technical civil society


1946Mr. G.R. Percy, AMICE
1947Mr. D.G. Mack, BE, AMICE
1948Mr. K. Nankivell,BSc, DIC, AMICE
1949Mr. R.J. Hollise Bee, MICE, ACGI, MIE (Aust), FGS, FRGS
1950Mr. K. Nankivell, BSc, DIC, AMICE
1951Mr. F.G. Egerton, CBE, MIEE
1952Mr. J. Whyte, JP, AMIME
1953Mr. E.L. Spooner Lillingston, BA Mech Sc (Cantab), AMIEE
1954Mr. C.G. Harrison, AMIME, MIIE, AMIIA
1955Mr. J. Sharples, BSc, ACGI, MIEE
1956Mr. K. Nankivell, BSc, DIC, AMICE
1957Mr. T.A.L. Concannon, FRIBA, TPI
1958-1959Maj. W. Stubbs, JMN, CBE, MC, MIE
1960Hj. Mohd. Yatim Bin Yahya
1961-1962Mr. Chan Peng Kheun, MIME, AMIIE
1963Mr. Kok Swee Tuk, KMN, PJK, B.Surv (Q’land), AIS (Aust), FIS (FM)
1964Mr. Zahari Bin Hassan, PJK
1965-1966Mr. Tan Soo Hai, PJK, BA, MCD, Dip.LD, AMTPI
1967-1968Mr. V. Selvayanagam, AMN, MTAM
1969-1970Mr. J.C. Mehra, BSc (Eng) Elect & Mech, MTAM
1971-1972Mr. F.L. Cowie, CEng, DIC
1973-1974Mr. Tan Soo Hai, PJK, BA, MCD, Dip.LD, AMTPI, FRGS, FTAM
1975-1976Mr. Kok Swee Tuk, KMN, PJK, B.Surv (Q’land), AIS (Aust), FIS (FM), FTAM
1977-1978Mr. S. Nadarajah, FICE, MIEM, FTAM
1979Ir. Chan Choong Kong, BEng (Hons) M.Eng (Toronto), PEng, MIEM, FTAM
1980-1981Mr. Khoo Ah Chai, FTAM
1982-1983Mr. Tan Soo Hai, PJK, BA, MCD, Dip.LD, AMTPI, FRGS, FTAM
1984-1985Ir. Choo Kok Beng, BSc, MIEM, FTAM, PEng
1986Ir. Chan Choong Kong, BEng (Hons) M.Eng (Toronto), PEng, MIEM, FTAM
1987Ir. Cheng Kim Hua, DHE, BE (Hons), ACMA (UK), PEng, MIEM, CEng, MICE, MIE (Aust), FTAM
1988Mr. Lim Koon Beng, Dip.Eng, MTAM
1989-1990Dr. Pretam Singh Dhillon, PJK, Dip.Eng UTM’48, FTAM, Hon.FIET (UK), MSIET
1991-1992Ir. Yong Kee Chiang, BE (Auck), FIEM, MIES, PEng (M), PEng (S), FTAM, FIEEE
1993-1994Ir. Ooi Kah Huat, BSc, FIEM, FTAM, MBIM, MASCE, MIE (Aust), PEng (M)
1995-1996Ir. Hj. Mohd Mazlam, Dip Mech Eng, MSc Eng, MBA, PEng, FIEM, IEng, MIPlantE, FICE (M), FTAM
1997-1998Ir. William Yau Kam Kok, BSc Chem Eng, PEng, FTAM
1999-2000Ir. Chan Choong Cheong, KMN, AMN, PLP, PIS, BE (Hon), MPhil, FIEM, MICE, CEng, PEng, FTAM
2001-2002Ir. Chin Joo Negan, PKT, PJK, BE (Hons), FTAM, MIEM, MICE
2003-2006Prof. Ir. Dr. Ruslan Hassan, BEng, MS, PhD, DIS, PEng, FIEM, FTAM, FMSA, FASCE
2007-2010Mr. Lee Siew Kee, Dip.Eng, MTAM, Hon.FTAM
2010-2015Dato’ Ir. Fong Tian Yong, DIMP, JSM, KMN, AMN, SMJ, BE (Singapore), PEng, FIEM, ASEAN Engineer
2015-2019Ts. Ir. Tang Heap Seng, PJK, BEng (Hons) (Malaya), FTAM, MIEM, PEng, P.Tech, ASEAN Engineer, ASEAN Eng Tech
2019-2022Ts. Ir. Yam Teong Sian, BSc(Hons)(1st Class), Hon.FAFEO, FIEM, PEng (PC), FTAM, P.Tech, MMIM, ApecEng, IntPE(My), ACIArb, ASEAN Engineer, ASEAN Eng Tech, ASEAN Chartered PE, MAAET, Aff.M.ASCE
2022-Ts. Tung Chee Kuan, KMN, PKT, MSc (Iowa State), B.Eng (Hons) (UMIST), FTAM, ASEAN Eng Tech, P.Tech