Technological Association Malaysia

Membership Benefits

Why join TAM?


Be a member of the oldest learned society catering to wide range of technical personnel in the technological field.

Stay Connected

Stay updated and relevant with the industry. Never miss out on news that matter to technology practitioners from around the world.

Shared Platform

As a platform for sharing information and pursue common technical interests.

Mark of Recognition

As a mark of recognition to the industry being a member of a renowned technological NGO recognized locally and regionally (ASEAN).

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Representing Malaysia

AFEO (ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations) recognizes TAM as the only representative of Malaysia to nominate candidates for applications as ASEAN Engineering Technologists, ASEAN Technicians or their Associates, whereby they are entitled to use the post-nominal letters after their names, i.e. AET, AT, AAET, AAT.  Participate in government agencies’ forum as TAM representatives.

Enriching your professional lives

Good networking platform with fellow technological personnel for technological update, job opportunity, connected with industrial players and technical advice.

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Widen your network

Regular meeting point with fellow members for TAM organized forum, technical visit or tours, exchange programs with other NGOs. Enjoy a wide network of friends from Johor to Penang and Sabah for mutual exchange, consultation and assistance for works’ convenience and facilitation.

World class collaboration tools

Every member enjoys collaborative and productivity tools with 30 GB cloud storage powered by Google.  Collaborate globally more effectively with smart, secure business apps like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Doc, Google Meet.

Google Workspace
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