Technological Association Malaysia

2nd Annual Slope Engineering Summit

Empowering the Combination of Geological and Engineering Information

8th – 9th November 2023 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Economic losses from drought, floods and landslides have soared in Asia. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) reported in 2021, weather and water-related hazards caused total damage of US$ 35.6 billion, affecting nearly 50 million people. The topmost increase of economic damage is landslides which has skyrocketed by over 147% compared to past two decades, with South East Asia is receiving an immensely large share of landslide disasters. The combination of natural conditions and fast-growing development interventions responsible for increasing vulnerability of hill slopes. According to data from NASA, Malaysia sits among the top 10 countries that had a significant number of landslides over the past decades. The statistics show that almost 200 landslides happened since 2007 in the country. The total economic loss was estimated over US$ 1 billion which caused up more than 600 fatalities. One of the deadliest landslides formed a strong debris flow flowed through villages in Keningau which robbed the lives of 302 individuals and amounted to RM458.9 million in damages. Despite of the landslides’ history, the development of hilly terrain is still increasing rapidly in recent years. However, the statistics recorded 29 out of 49 cases of slope failures in Malaysia due to inadequate engineering design including insufficient site-specific ground investigation. Therefore, planning, design, construction and maintenance are pivotal factors to achieve a safe and cost-effective hill-site development. Join us at Slope Engineering by Trueventus to understand geotechnical and slope stability challenges and how to overcome them with advanced slope engineering techniques. Tune into insights from subject experts and industry leaders about strategies that demonstrate innovation, skills and best practices. Gain advantages in deploying effective technologies and techniques in the field of geoengineering and slope design to mitigate slope failures with real-world use-cases and panel discussions.

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