Technological Association Malaysia

Energy Management Toward Energy Efficiency

Date:  January 26, 2924
Time:  9am – 1pm
Venue:  PSDC

Moderation and suitability practices will be adopted by organization not only to sustain their business but also to assist in preserving a healthy environment for future generation.  There are many factors that can contribute to achieve this goal, this talk only focus on “Energy Management”.  Energy usage by commercial/industries comprise of various services/facilities, e.g HVAC, compressed air, machine operation and many more.  Energy management can contribute to reduce carbon footprint, improve industries operation and eventually will led to financial benefits of the organization.  Today, with the help of computing power, smart energy system that embed with AI able to monitor and optimize energy usage of services/facilities. Malaysia government initiated many programs and policies aimed at promoting renewable energy, improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. On 11 Oct 2023, Dewan Rakyat has passed the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Bill 2023 (“EECA”), which provides for compulsory audits of larger commercial and industrial electricity and gas consumers.  Implementing of power saving measures will further enhance the reduce of energy consumption and carbon emissions. This talk will cover energy management toward energy efficiency.

Received Bachelor Degree in Automation (Factory Automation) in 2006 from Zhengzhou University, China, Mr Vanti Fan has 17 years of working experience in energy management.  He is currently attached to Delta Electronics (Thailand), handling eco-system development and management, factory automation solution and managing sales solution and engineering team.  Mr Vanti Fan was awarded “Digital four-quadrant double-fed electric control system” by Henan Provincial Department of Science and Technology China.  He also hold 2 patents, 1. Digital voltage signal control circuit (Pat No ZL200720092737.6) and 2. Power harmonic tester (Pat No ZL200720092840.0).