Technological Association Malaysia

5G Powered Drones: The Way Forward from 2023 towards Industry 5.0

Date:  18th February 2023 (Saturday)
Time:  9:00 am – 10: 30 am
Platform: (GoogleMeet)
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Speaker: Dato’ Professor Ts. Ir. Dr. Eric Goh

FREE ADMISSION, MBOT & BEM 1.5CPD Points Pending for approval

Global drone market is expected to grow from presently RM 122 billion (USD 30.6 b) to RM 223 billion (USD 55.8 b) in 2030 (Drone Industry Insights, 2023). Logistic and cost benefits in present drone usage compared to traditional practices include 99+% result accuracy, the ability to safely complete the task by up to 85% faster and costs 5 times cheaper for project implementation. Strategic applications of 5G and Industry 5.0 in smart drone technology management aims to further optimise economic benefits and project outputs using existing operating budget without incurring any additional financial inputs. Cost-effective state-of-the-art 5G Powered Drones which can assist to improve the efficiency, optimise the production costs and also enhance the occupational safety and environmental management practices for any organisation or company would be most beneficial to any government or industrial sector worldwide. Accuracy of the assorted market drone designs in effectively carrying out various specialised tasks depends on internet speed and coverage; quality of drone software, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and on-board sensor systems. Implementation of 5G and eventually Industry 5.0 globally and in Malaysia will definitely greatly enhance drone efficiency and productivity. Highlights of this TAM technical presentation includes discussions on improved operations and economic benefits of 5G Powered Drones, Malaysia’s legislation for safe drone usage, numerous unique drone applications for the enterprising industry and aspiring entrepreneurs; and finally concluding with the upcoming exciting era of Industry Revolution 5.0.

Speaker :
Dato’ Professor Ts. Ir. Dr. Eric Goh, attached to Universiti Sains Malaysia and acknowledged with over 38 years extensive international and national academic, research and industrial work experience; is an active contributor towards several TAM and MBOT noble projects. He has also designed and co-organised several Government recognised HRDF-technical courses, including the certified Drone Operation Management Course, to benefit all in the industry. Prof. Goh has also successfully completed his leadership term as Honorary Executive Director – Academy of Quarrying, State Branch Chairman – The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM-Penang), USM’s Head of Quality and Accreditation, State Review Board, IQM Executive Council and offer of leadership in obtaining international ISO/IQNet/ UKAS Quality Certification status for Professional Training. As the appointed EAC’s Delegation and Panel Head, he has also successfully co-accredited over 70 university academic programmes. Dato’ Eric Goh is a prolific author of over 200 technical publications which includes 12 technology/engineering reference books. He has also contributed as Expert Speaker for STEM/Technology/Engineering Education Seminars which have enlightened over 1200 aspiring university students on Academic Excellence. In recognition of his expertise; Prof. Eric Goh was nominated to ‘Fellowship (FASc)’ of the prestigious Academy of Sciences Malaysia, conferred the ‘Dato’ship Award’, recipient of the esteemed Institute of Quarrying (UK)’s ‘International Citation Award’, ‘ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO)’s Honorary Membership Award’, ‘Distinguished Engineer Award’, ‘Staff Quality Award – Best Lecturer (Teaching)’, ‘Institute of Quarrying Malaysia’s Award of Excellence’, ‘Distinguished Individual Award (International Category)’, 3 times awarded the inspiring ‘Excellent Service Award (APC)’ and  selected for the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award (USA). In capacity building, he is accredited as a Certified Technical Course Trainer (German-Malaysian Institute). Dato’ Prof. Eric Goh is frequently invited as International Keynote Speaker/Visiting Professor to over 200 technical conferences and courses worldwide in Australia, Canada, Singapore, China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.